Based on movement, improvisation and creativity, the workshops of Claudio Stellato and his team are open to all types of participants (not only the young) as long as they are willing to take part fully in this kind of experience. Working on the relation to objects from the everyday life or from the circus and pure physical expression are the basics of these workshops.

14th september 2014 at the CND – Lyon – “Movement and improvisation”

3rd february 2015 at L’École du Cirque de Bordeaux – “Creativity”

From 18th to 22nd may 2015 La Central del Circ – Barcelona- “The artist and the object”

October 2015 CDC Échangeur – Château-Thierry (FR) – “Movement – Body expression”

July 2016 MiramirO Festival – Ghent (BE)- “Wood : Constructions & Manipulations”

May 2017 Circusstad Festival – Rotterdam (NL)- “Wood : Constructions & Manipulations”

May 2017 Espaces Pluriels – Pau (FR)- “Wood : Constructions & Manipulations”